Asher Zalchendler Norway | Australia
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, Skydiving instructor, BASE jumping, 5th Place 2018 Winter Natural Games, co-founder of
Francois Bon France
Speedriding, Speedflying, Multiple Paragliding champion, school owner & instructor, Paragliding, Entrepreneur and founder of Level Wings
Chris Doerfel Australia | AUT
Speedriding, Speedflying, Kitesurfing Instructor, Paragliding, Surfing, Freediving, Entrepreneur and co-founder of,, kitepeople dubai.
Valentin Delluc France
Speedriding, Speedflying, paragliding instructor, Ultra-light flight instructor, 5 times french champion, 1st place 2018 Winter Natural Games
Martin Schricke France
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Wind tunnel instructor, Ski instructor, Surfing.
Rusty Wilson New Zealand
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, Skydiving, BASE jumping, NZ
Beni Kaelin Switzerland
Speedriding, Speedflying, Swing Pro Speed Flying Team & Developer, Paragliding Instructor, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Skydiving, BASE jumping, Co-Owner Chill Out Paragliding.
Daniel Kofler Austria
Speedriding, Speedflying, Head of Swing Pro Speed Flying Team & Developer, Paragliding Instructor,
Yoan Castagnoli France
Speedriding, Paragliding instructor, Ski instructor, Skydiving. 3 times speedriding French champion, 5 times Andorra speed contest winner, 3rd Place 2018 Winter Natural Games
Dom Gstir Austria
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, Tandem-pilot traveller & sports car fanatic.
Omar Zaiter France
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, Skydiving Speedriding French Champion, 2nd Place 2018 Winter Natural Games
Friedemann Flache Germany
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, traveller, founder
Franck Coupat France
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding,founder of ATAKA Speed Riding school, organiser of French Speed Riding Championships.
Fred Fugen France
Fred Fugen and his flying partner Vince Reffet are the pioneers and innovator of free-flying. The pair known as the Soul Flyers is constantly pushing the limits of all flying sports.
Mikael Söderberg Sweden
Speedriding, Speedflying, Skydiving Photograph, Night-club Owner and ambassador.
Jules Gentet France
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paragliding, Ski instructor, Golf
Maxence Cavalade France
Speedriding, Ski instructor, Scuba-diving instructor, Jujitsu instructor, Skydiving instructor, Physiotherapist, Guitarist
Cyrilde Pic France
Speedriding, Ski instructor, Skydiving instructor, Windsurfer and owner of Speed Riding school.
Ivan Klettenhammer Italy
Speedriding, Speedflying, Paraglider, Ski instructor, founder Speedflying360
Francois Savary France
Speedriding, High Mountain Alpinist Guide, Ski instructor, Paragliding instructor and co-owner of Chamonix Parapente Paragliding and Speed Riding school.